“Our aim is to provide individualized instruction and dialogue for each participant’s level of development in the chosen area of emphasis, drawing, painting, or writing, and to create a community of meaningful feedback and encouragement for each individual’s expression,” says Rick Deragon.

“I’m so excited about working with a small group so the focus can be on personalized instruction and dialogue, and sharing strategies and practices that have enriched my creativity and connection to my artist-poet’s self,” says Karen Nagano.

With these intentions firmly in mind, the Open Gate leaders have crafted a workshop that includes: personalized art instruction; meditation; awareness and grounding practices; body movement; ritual; and supportive discussion and feedback. These methods are designed to activate, deepen, and enliven the flow of personal creativity in a safe, validating community set in the beautiful Perigord countryside, and the warmth of Nada Stone’s gite, Marance.

“With the ancient energies of the Lascaux caves nearby, the spirit of the Troubadours at every turn, and the welcoming accommodation, it’s the perfect inspirational environment for this crucible of creative discovery and growth,” sums up Karen.